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McLaren F1 LM (PC)
NFS McLaren F1 LM (PC)
McLaren F1 LM (PS2)
McLaren F1 LM: NFS (PS2)

Despite having significantly more power, the McLaren F1 LM Edition accelerates slower than the McLaren F1 and reaches a lower top speed. Nonetheless, this is an extremely quick and capable car.


Car Info

Make: McLaren
Model: F1 Le Mans Edition
Top Speed: 333 km/h
0-60 mph: 3.8 sec
Power: 668 bhp
Class: 1 / A


"The big brother of McLaren's F1, the F1 LM. Its V12 engine generates 668 horsepower at 8000 rpms. The top speed of over 200 mph ensures the F1 LM a place in automotive history."

"McLaren F1 LM. Its astonishing 12 cylinder engine cranks out 520 ft/lbs of torque at 4500 rpms. Enough to propel this car to 100 mph in 6.1 seconds."

"The McLaren F1 LM. There are only five in existence. This ultimate rarity is powered by a 48 valve V12 racing engine generating 668 horsepower and 520 ft/lbs of torque. Its 0-100 time is a blistering 6.1 seconds."



Gear Normal NFS
1st ??? kph ??? kph
2nd ??? kph ??? kph
3rd ??? kph ??? kph
4th ??? kph ??? kph
5th ??? kph ??? kph


Gear Normal NFS
1st ??? kph ??? kph
2nd ??? kph ??? kph
3rd ??? kph ??? kph
4th ??? kph ??? kph
5th ??? kph ??? kph



Normal version: 85,000 NFS Points
NFS version: 170,000 NFS Points
Pursuit version: Not available.


Normal version: Complete Championship Event 30, McLaren F1 LM Endurance Race
NFS version: Accumulate 4,000,000 NFS Points.
Pursuit version: Not available.

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