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Ford TS50 (PC)
NFS Ford TS50 (PC)
Pursuit Ford TS50 (PC)
Ford TS50 (PS2)
Ford TS50: NFS (PS2)


Car Info

Make: Ford Australia
Model: Falcon TS50
Top Speed: 250 km/h
0-60 mph: 5.9 sec
Power: 335 bhp
Class: 4 / E


"The Ford TS50. 335 horsepower and 369 ft/lb s of torque get the TS50 to 60mph in under 6 seconds."

"This is the Ford TS50. Under the hood is a 5.6L V8, delivering 369 ft/lbs of torque, mated to a heavy duty Tremec five speed manual transmission."

"The Ford TS50. Made for the Australian market, this road machine is powered by a 335 horsepower V8 engine. 18" high performance Dunlop alloy wheels are standard on every vehicle."



Gear Normal NFS Pursuit
1st 65 kph 65 kph 65 kph
2nd 108 kph 108 kph 108 kph
3rd 164 kph 164 kph 164 kph
4th 216 kph 216 kph 216 kph
5th >254 kph >262 kph >251 kph

5th gear is extremely long. Use only when 4th has completely topped out.


Gear Normal NFS
1st 70-75 kph ??? kph
2nd 118-126 kph ??? kph
3rd 185-191 kph ??? kph
4th >253 kph ??? kph
5th >261 kph ??? kph



Normal version: 5,000 NFS Points
NFS version: 10,000 NFS Points
Pursuit version: 10,000 NFS Points


Normal version: Win Championship event 3, Ford TS50 Lap Knockout.
NFS version: Win a one player World Racing Knockout with advanced opponents.
Pursuit version: Not available.

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